17 August 2022

How to grow with Gabriel!

Most people agree that our health is not something we can put a label on. We must try our best to focus on all aspects of ourselves and improve day by as we go along. We talk about this a lot in CEC. Our students come from all over the world to stay and learn English with us and they bring with them different diets and lifestyles, and diverse ways of seeing the world.

Recently one of our students Gabriel was doing a project with his teacher Raleen where they had to make a short podcast and Gabriel wanted to talk about tips to improve your health. We of course expected the usual survival skills of drinking water and sleeping enough but he touched on something unexpected that we thought was very interesting and we wanted to share it with you.

That is the idea that the best way to improve your health is to get out of your comfort zone wherever & whenever you can. Gabriel felt that personal growth can do wonders to improve your health. He says that we should be trying to make ourselves uncomfortable, we should be bold, we should take risks, we should learn the harmonica!

If you agree with Gabriel and would like more of a reason to move outside of yourself and do something different, you can watch this TedTalk about getting out of your comfort zone to rally you into action, or into buying a harmonica, whichever comes first.

We asked Gabriel about his podcast recently and why he thought getting out of your comfort zone was so important, here’s what he had to say:

“My wife and I sold our apartment, our car and left our family in Brazil to “risk” a new life, with a new routine and new challenges.

This has been very good for us and I believe that everyone can benefit from changing their routine, just try. This does not mean that difficulties or problems will not arise, but standing still can bring you the same or worse risks

– Gabriel

Mostly Gabriel felt that change will change us and in turn we will grow. We could not agree with this statement more. It`s not surprising that Gabriel felt that way as leaving one’s country to travel across the world, meeting new people in a new language is all the mark of someone that wants to grow.

Take a listen of Gabriel’s podcast here.

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