Booking and Payment Options

How to register

You can register with Cork English College in a few easy steps:

  • Please complete all sections of the CEC school registration form or book online through this website.
  • Send it with a non-refundable deposit of €200.00 by Transfermate, Bank Transfer or Credit Card six to eight weeks prior to course commencement.
  • Upon receipt of your Registration Form we will confirm your place and send you a full invoice.
  • You must pay your full fees including tuition, accommodation and all additional fees at least 28 days in advance of your arrival.
  • Should you book less than 28 days in advance of your start date, full fees must be sent on receipt of invoice.
  • Full fees must be received before accommodation details are sent. These are usually sent two weeks prior to your arrival.
  • Flights and airport transfer details should be sent at the time of booking or/and as soon as they are available (28 days in advance prior to the course commencement).

Payment Options

You have a number of payment options including Transfermate, Bank Transfer or Credit Card.

Whatever type of payment you choose, proof of payment of fees must be sent to us. Please quote your Student Reference Number on all correspondence. Your Student Reference Number is essential to track your payments. Please email a scanned copy of your payment type to us.


Transfermate makes it easier and cheaper for international students to pay for their fees in their own local currency. At Cork English College, we know that our international students often get caught out by annoying transfer fees when paying their tuition. We don’t think that’s fair, so we’ve teamed up with our friends in Transfermate to help you pay your tuition fees without wasting precious funds on additional fees or charges…

What are the benefits?

  • A more streamlined payment process
  •  No international sender/receiver fees
  • Great exchange rates
  • 24 hour customer service from Transfermate
  • 24 hour online tracking of payments
  • Bulk payment options

Transfermate lets you make international payments to CEC for free, without paying international banking charges, while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates.

We think it’s a brilliant option! If you’re an international student studying at CEC, you can use this secure, fast and reliable method to make your payment today.

How it works?

Pay your fees via Transfermate using a simple 3 step process.

Register on the secure Transfermate domain and enter your payment details.
You’ll receive the exchange rate for that day (which will be valid for 48 hours) and you’ll make the payment into the Transfermate bank account in your home country and in your local currency.
Once funds are received by Transfermate, your funds are immediately transferred into our account from the Transfermate bank account.

Pay your tuition fees now!

STEP 1. Click on the the following link  and complete the brief registration form. Click ‘YES’ you are ready to pay today and then select ‘Process Transaction’.

STEP 2. Transfer the funds to the advised bank account.

STEP 3. Email with receipt of payment, a copy of your student passport, and your invoice from Cork English College

STEP 4. Once Transfermate receives your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us at Cork English College and email you confirmation of payment. Finished!


Bank Transfer

Account Name: Cork English College Limited
Bank Name: Bank of Ireland
Address: Bridge Street, Cork, Ireland
Account Number: 81959925
Sort Code: 90-27-92
IBAN: IE92 BOFI 9027 9281 9599 25

All bank charges are the responsibility of the student.

Credit card

Payment by credit card is subject to an additional 2.5% charge of the total fee due. Please quote YOUR STUDENT REFERENCE NUMBER in the narrative as without it, we cannot track your payment, and we will think that you have not paid us.

Visa Application and Refund Policy

Cork English College can assist you in your application for a VISA should you require one.

Please allow a minimum of 8+ weeks toprocess your VISA application.

We recommend that long stay students apply for a D-VISA.

All tuition fees must be paid in advance and are refundable (except for the deposit of €200.00) in the case of a visa being refused unless false documentation has been submitted.

Fees will not be refunded  if a visa is denied due to submission of false or inaccurate information.

Visa applications are available from There is a fee of €300 each time a visa is issued or extended by GNIB (Irish  Immigration).

Visa requiring and all non-EEA students must have adequate health insurance to cover their stay in Ireland and is available for purchase from the school.

When you arrive at the airport, Immigration usually stamps your passport with a visa for one month.

For Visa Requiring Students: You must pay through Transfermate Escrow Account where your fees will be held on behalf of the student and pending the VISA Decision. Delays in issuing visas will mean that a course is postponed to the next course starting date and additional charges may apply.


Click on the button below to pay your fees now by Transfermate


“With the assistance of the CEC community – its compassionate teachers, activity leaders, administrative personnel as well as my inspiring classmates – I managed to raise my proficiency of English from a B2 to a solid C1. Above all, I always had a good time.”

Carla Proserpio

I will always keep a nice memory of the month spent in Cork, and this thanks to CEC, which in addition to letting me deepen my English, made me discover breathtaking places and meet unforgettable people.

Tatiane Passos

Well, I’ll never forget my time at CEC, after all, it was a year and a half very well spent. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to build my English here. Grrreat teachers, welcoming people and an incredible city/culture. Thank you very much CEC team for all support and keep up the brilliant work!

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