14 November 2023

Our Staff’s All Time Favourite Films

We’ve been loving the Cork International Film Festival this month and talking about our favorite all-time movies this week, so for this week’s blog post we thought we would share some of our staff’s favourite movies!

Starting off strong with Micheline our Operations Manager, her favourite move of all time is Casablanca, she says the verion with Humphrey Bogart is the “only real one” apparently.

Moving on to our Admissions Officer Niamh. She loves the entire Nightmare On Elm Street series and couldnt choose one, shes a true horror girly and her favourite holiday if you couldnt already guess is Halloween.

Next, we have our Marketing executive Rosalyn, her favourite movie is the Studio Ghibli classic Porco Rosso.

And last but not least for the admin office we have our receptionist Emmanuelle, who’s favourite movie is the Grand Budapest Hotel, she’s a Wes Anderson girl through and through she says.

We asked our Academic department and teachers what they thought too now that we had the ball rolling.

Deirdre, our Academic Manager loved the move Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Then we have our Cambridge Centre Manager Rob, his favourite movie of all time is the fall which he calls a cinematic masterpeice.

Lastly for the Academic office we have Jason, one of our Senior Teachers. His favourite movie of all time is another Studio Ghibli classic, Spirited Away.

It’s clear we have an interesting mix of personalities here in the school. What are some of your favourite films? Check out the full Cork Film Festival programme to see if anything is of interest to you!

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