The student experience in CEC is unrivalled. At Cork English College we work with students from a wide range of diverse backgrounds, and we are passionate about ensuring our students have the best possible experience in both their studies and personal development. In CEC your learning & enjoyment is not limited to only the classroom!


Here at CEC Ireland Language School, we welcome students from all over the world! In 2019 we had over 50 different nationalities study with us in Cork. We focus on ensuring we have a diverse mix of nationalities at CEC, which means a wide variety and fun array of accents, cultures, and people.

  • Immersion in the English language is one of the best ways to learn and making as many friends as you can from different cultures helps in your learning and ensures you get the most from your student experience in Cork.
  • You will have plenty of opportunities to make friends in class of course, but our city, being full of diversity, will also provide you with many opportunities to meet new people. You can arrange nights out with your class, catch a traditional Irish music session or take part in one of our weekly student social activities and broaden your horizons as much as you would like.
  • When you add our diverse city and friendly staff, together with our busy activity programme, you will find yourself continually meeting new people from unfamiliar places and with many opportunities to make new friends!


Choosing Cork means you are choosing to enjoy an authentic Irish student experience. Cork is famous in Ireland for the friendly nature and character of its people.

When studying with CEC Ireland Language School you can choose to live with a Host Family or in our residential apartments in the city centre. Our adult centres are based in the heart of Cork City meaning students are fully immersed in the cosmopolitan buzz of Cork. Our weekly social activities are locally based all-around Cork City and County and focus on Irish culture, heritage and “the craic”.

Cork is a small city that is big on culture, colour and character with an array of different festivals and events each month throughout the year to enjoy. We ensure that students are completely immersed in an Irish student experience from their first day, starting with a friendly Irish welcome and continuing throughout their stay with us. To see for yourself take a look at CEC Ireland Language School social media channels!


We welcome students with a range of differing English levels. Coming to Cork English College Ireland Language School is about improving your English skills, growing in confidence, and broadening both your life and student experience. Coming to a new country and culture can be scary at first but at CEC Ireland Language School we completely understand this and are with students every step of the way in growing their confidence and making them feel comfortable from the very beginning of their English Language journey.

The fact that we are a friendly family-run school allows us to have a personal relationship with each student. One of the most rewarding aspects for us is to see students’ confidence in the language grow over time as they learn and experience new things with us through immersion in the English Language.

Seeing our students go from beginner level to proudly taking pictures with their new international friends while holding their course certificates on their last day is always a great moment for us. At CEC Ireland Language School, we are proud and grateful to be a part of their student experience and life journey.


Now that Ireland has returned to in-person classes and students are back in our school in Cork, our students can truly immerse themselves in the English language. Many of our students choose to stay with a local host family, and when they do, they are truly a part of that family. They will eat meals and go on outings with their host family, only speaking English. After a day learning the language in class with us, this is something which is of tremendous value to students.

Our students who choose to stay in residential apartments are placed exclusively with other CEC students and because of this we have a diverse nationality mix in the apartments. This offers students an ideal daily opportunity to put their English into practice outside of the classroom environment. That, however, is just the accommodation. Our students have many more opportunities outside of class and home-life to speak English. At CEC Ireland Language School we organise a range of afternoon and evening activities for students to take part in which allows them to use their newly acquired English language skills in a relaxed social context.

Many of our students also choose to work part time while they study with us, allowing them to grow their English vocabulary in a professional and real-life setting. Lastly, Cork is home to some of the friendliest people you could meet in Ireland, always willing to have a chat and most importantly share some local Cork slang and sayings!