22 January 2024

Packing For Ireland In The Winter: The Essentials

We’re back with another blog post for you this week, this time we’re giving you the absolute essentials for anyone coming to Ireland in the winter! We know you might be tempted to wait until the summer if you’re planning to visit Ireland, but we want you to know that it’s also amazing place to visit in the winter months. It can often be quieter with less tourists and cheaper accommodation, with the same amazing tours and cultural activities that you’d have available in the summer months. It’s a win win! and as we say in Ireland, it doesnt rain in the pub 😉

If we’ve convinced you to head to Ireland in the winter months, you’ll need these essential items:

1. Warm and lightweight layers:

Ireland is one of those places where the cold goes into your bones, but it’s also one of those places where you can experience all four seasons in an hour. You’ll want to bring plenty of light layers with you that you can take off and put on as needed, so that you’re prepared for the afternoon sun, the evening chill and the random rainshowers throughout the day. You could bring a long sleeve t-shirt for example with a thin fleece and a puffer jacket, and bring an extra fleece and rain jacket in case it rains or the tempurature drops.

2. Waterproof clothes:

You could bring a rain jacket from home if you have one, but if you’re not used to that kind of weather you can buy all weather gear in Cork when you arrive in our outdoor stores or Regatta in the city centre. You can also buy basic rain jackets and waterproof pants in shops like Pennys and Michael Guineys, so don’t worry if you don’t already have a full waterproof fit.

3. Uk charging plug/ portable chargers:

In Ireland we use the UK adaptor for our plug sockets, if you can find one of those at home that’s great, but if not you can buy them in Cork in our pharmacies like Boots, or you can get them for as cheap as €1.50 in our discount stores like Dealz or EuroGiant. If you’re going to buy those when you get here, don’t forget to bring some portable chargers to keep you going until you get out to the shops.

4.Comfortable shoes for hiking/walking:

If you’re plannnig to do a lot of partying in Ireland, you may be tempted to bring heels or nice fashionable shoes which you absolutely can do, but we would suggest that you also prepare for our muddy fields, gravel roads and cobblestone paths while you’re packing shoes. If you’re planning on hiking or going on tours while you’re here, we would suggest a comfortable pair of hiking boots or trainers. The Irish wear sports brand trainers and athleisure casually all the time, so leggings and a hoodie with trainers could be a comfotable option that wont make you look too mich like a tourist.

5.Everything you own and also you passport, dont forget your passport:

This isnt a definitive packing list and is more focused on preparing you for the Irish weather, so don’t forget to actually pack for travel appropriately with any travel documents you need like visa documents, travel insurance, toiletries etc.

That’s all form us this week on how to pack for the Irish winter weather, tag us on our socials if this helped you plan your Irish winter holiday 🙂