Teacher Refresher Course

Teacher Refresher Course


Our 2-week General English + Classroom Based Activities Course is designed for primary and secondary school teachers who are motivated to improve their own English level while adding to their repertoire of teaching activities. Specific sessions devoted to Classroom Activities will allow participants to experience, analyse, develop, and share activities for teaching a range of language areas and skills.

Course participants will consolidate and improve their overall level in English through an integrated skills approach. In all lessons, an emphasis is placed on listening comprehension, pronunciation, and spoken interaction.

Add to your classroom exercises collection with our General English + Classroom Based Activities course and enjoy an academic, cultural, and social experience with us in Cork. All Teacher Training courses in Cork English College are open for Erasmus+ funding. Our organisational ID number is: E10195409

This course is for teachers who wish to:

  • Improve their English
  • Gain a new perspective on teaching
  • Maximise their time and learning in Ireland
  • Live an enjoyable enriching experience
  • Improve their career prospects
  • Learn new classroom-based skills

Studying English with Cork English College offers teachers the opportunity to refresh and gain additional skills in teaching English while making friends and experiencing the rich cultural heritage Cork has to offer.

As part of the course, you will gain an understanding of how to better integrate a wide variety of practical tasks and activities which can be put to immediate use in the classroom.

Each week will include:

  • Grammar and vocabulary points
  • A focus on speaking
  • Language and subject acquisition
  • Engaging listening and reading activities
  • Social and intercultural English
  • Dedicated project work to support your grammar and vocabulary learning
  • Daily detailed error correction for continuous improvement
  • Content sharing and collaboration between other students

A students CEC Experience begins before they travel to Cork with our online English level test. This short test confirms a student’s current level and helps us to place them in the best class for their success. Students will learn all the essential areas of English language and grammar through task-based methodology. While the communicative approach is central, we always also factor in the individual learning style of our students for the best possible learning outcomes.

All four language skills – Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking are given the appropriate class time through the application of our tailored academic syllabus. Enjoy your English learning with Cork English College.


With an English Course in CEC, you get:

Experienced Teachers
Multinational Classes
Clear Course Objectives
Regular Feedback & Progress Tests
An Integrated E-Learning platform
Weekly social & cultural activities


At the end of your English course, you can expect to:

Speak more confidently
Use English more effectively for work or travel
Communicate more accurately and clearly
Have developed your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
Have learnt more about Irish life & culture
Make memories and friends to last you a lifetime


What type of activities can I look forward to?

We endeavour to cater for most tastes when it comes to activities, so we provide a wide choice, ranging from cultural visits to historic places of interest, to sports and lively night out. We want to make sure that you enjoy yourselves while you’re studying. Further to that, we can organise weekends away and arrange car hire if necessary.

How will I get to the school?

All of our accommodation is either within easy walking distance of the school or within easy reach by public transport.

Where is the school located?

The school is located right in the heart of Cork, on the banks of the river Lee, but we’ll keep you too busy to admire the view! It is also within close walking distance of Cork’s main bus terminus and railway station.

Who else will be studying there?

We have students from all over the world studying with us, which adds greatly to the friendly atmosphere.

Can I change my accommodation if I don’t like it?

Yes, our aim is to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible during your stay in Cork. It’s very rare for students to dislike their accommodation.

What type of accommodation can I expect?

What type of accommodation would you like? We have a full range of options from living with a host family to self-catering apartments and hotels.

Will I be able to use the internet and email?

Yes, the internet and email are available every afternoon to all students.

Will I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, we’re a fully accredited and recognised school. You’ll receive official recognition of your achievement.


MONDAY / Cork City Tour
TUESDAY / Grammar Clinic
WEDNESDAY / Traditional Irish Music Night
THURSDAY / Shandon Bells
FRIDAY / Fota Wildlife Park


Discover why you should choose the award winning fully accredited CEC.


  • Start Dates:
    Every Monday throughout the year
  • Available Levels:
  • Age Group:
  • Hours per week:


  • Registration Fee:
  • Course Material:
  • Prices:
    €800 (2 weeks)



“With the assistance of the CEC community – its compassionate teachers, activity leaders, administrative personnel as well as my inspiring classmates – I managed to raise my proficiency of English from a B2 to a solid C1. Above all, I always had a good time.”

Carla Proserpio

I will always keep a nice memory of the month spent in Cork, and this thanks to CEC, which in addition to letting me deepen my English, made me discover breathtaking places and meet unforgettable people.

Tatiane Passos
Costa Rica

Well, I’ll never forget my time at CEC, after all, it was a year and a half very well spent. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to build my English here. Grrreat teachers, welcoming people and an incredible city/culture. Thank you very much CEC team for all support and keep up the brilliant work!