CEC is a fantastic place to learn English and have fun. But don’t just take our word for it – why not hear what our students have to say?


“With the assistance of the CEC community – its compassionate teachers, activity leaders, administrative personnel as well as my inspiring classmates – I managed to raise my proficiency of English from a B2 to a solid C1. Above all, I always had a good time.”


“在CEC社區的説明下 – 其富有同情心的老師,活動負責人,行政人員以及我鼓舞人心的同學 – 我設法將我的英語水準從B2提高到穩定的C1。最重要的是,我總是玩得很開心。

Carla Proserpio

I will always keep a nice memory of the month spent in Cork, and this thanks to CEC, which in addition to letting me deepen my English, made me discover breathtaking places and meet unforgettable people.

Tatiane Passos
Costa Rica

Well, I’ll never forget my time at CEC, after all, it was a year and a half very well spent. I’m extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to build my English here. Grrreat teachers, welcoming people and an incredible city/culture. Thank you very much CEC team for all support and keep up the brilliant work!


“Even today I don’t know how I could thank all the people I met during my experience in Ireland, my dear host mum, the Cork English College and the fantastic teachers for the wonderful experience I had.

I fell in love with this country, its culture and its people, I made very important friendships, which will continue to exist.

I went to Ireland to improve the language for my future university studies, I came back with the knowledge that I will never forget everything I experienced, and with the certainty that sooner or later I will come back to see those magnificent places again.

Thanks Ireland, Thanks CEC”


“I have some feeling, that it was the best experience in my life. It has always been hard for me to learn English. In middle school or in university, it doesn’t matter. I remember that feeling like “English so difficult for me”.
When I arrived in CEC, Ashika (my first teacher in college) showed me how wrong I was. Everyone can be able to learn English and speak it. I have met with a lot of amazing people which became my friends. Miss all of you.
My best regards to all CEC personnel and thanks for best 2 month in my life”


“It’s been six months since I arrived in Ireland and although this experience is finish, I will remember it for the rest of my life.

I came to Ireland with the objective of learning English for my professional future, but with this experience I have discovered that I want to do my best with this language in order to continue traveling the world. I arrived with an A2+ level and I leave very happy with a B2.

Thanks to this school, the teachers, all the workers who make the school possible and my classmates, I have enjoyed and learned a lot, I couldn’t have achieved it without them. I have met a lot of people from other countries, and we have shared and exchanged a lot of ideas and cultures.

Thank you very much for all the love and learning that I have received, I will never be able to forget it. I wish you the best of luck!”


“When I decided to study English in Ireland, I did a lot of research on the cities and chose Cork because it’s the second largest city in Ireland and yet it has a calm spirit and extremely friendly people.

In the search for a school, I loved CEC right away. Extra class activities, tours and various nationalities with excellent teachers.

As I only had two months to develop my English, I tried to make the most of all the activities the school offered and I can say that they were extremely important not only for the development of my English, but also for meeting people and making friends.⠀

Now I know I made the right choice to choose both Cork and Cork English College to improve my English. I made many friends and there is a huge affection for the city, school, and teachers.

Thank you, Ireland, and thank you CEC.”