Visit to Cork City Gaol

Cork City Gaol, is a magnificent castle-like building which once housed 19th century prisoners. Take a trip back in time and wander through the wings of the Gaol, accompanied by the shuffling feet of inmates and the jingle of the warders’ keys.

The cells are furnished with amazingly life-like wax figures and Graffiti on the cell walls reveals the innermost feelings of some inmates. The audio-visual show will help you learn about the social history and contrasting lifestyles of 19th century Cork.

The Radio Museum, an ode to the Broadcasting Station, which was once located in the Gaol, houses a small collection of radios, exhibits on communication, Marconi and a reconstruction of the original Cork 6CK Studio.

Don’t forget to pay & register at reception before 14:30 on Thursday.

  • What?
    Visit to Cork City Gaol
  • When?
    14:00 Friday June 9th
  • Where?
    Meet outside CEC
  • How much?