Tour da cervejaria (Poço Franciscano)

There are only 15 places available, so the 1st 15 students to pay at reception will be able to go.

You must pay for the activity before 2:30pm Tuesday!

You must be over 18 to do this activity!

Located in the heart of Cork City, The Franciscan Well Brew Pub, has a deep-rooted passion for brewing and distilling. According to legend, water from this Franciscan Well had miraculous, curative properties and people travelled from all over Ireland to drink it.

This is your opportunity to engage in the ultimate craft beer experience through tours and tastings that will bring you on a journey from the rebellious monks of the Old Franciscan Monastery, right up until the present day. Learn how local ingredients impact the flavours of beers and how to judge diverse beers for their taste and quality.

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    Tour da cervejaria (Poço Franciscano)
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    Conheça fora do CEC
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