Escape Rooms Nuit

Can your team solve the room in time? You will have 60 minutes to escape!

Your team will go into the escape room and the door will close behind you. The games are designed to be challenging and will require all members of the team to work together and show their group spirit to solve the mysteries and ESCAPE THE ROOM!

If you want to escape, your team will have to analyse clues and apply their skills of communicationorganisationcritical and creative thinking, and more!

After the game we will go to a local pub for a well-deserved drink!

Make sure to register and pay at reception.

  • Quoi?
    Escape Rooms Nuit
  • Quand?
    18:00 Mercredi 10 mai
  • Où?
    Rencontre à l’extérieur de la CCE
  • Combien?
    16 €